A different language is a different vision of life

Paralingua will help you discover a new vision of life by learning new languages. Download the app today. It's free!


Why You Need Paralingua

We will helps you to improve you language with a completly new approach of learning. With Paralingua you will be able to practice to language completely.

Clean Design

Uncluttered, simple, and easy to use

Secure Data

We keep your data secure and 100% save


Balanced app speed with great functionality and resolution.

Quick & Easy Process With Best Features

Unique value, great usability, and good performance.

A Rich Experience

Features and experience that isn’t available elsewhere.


All our services are being secured by high-level security companies.


Great experience, across devices with the fastest response rate.

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Free updates

Latest updates with new features and content for free.


Presented in a simple way, with easy-to-use navigations.


Available on android and ios and web soon.


Grammar section

A complete section with all the grammatical arguments that with help you improve your sentence structure.

Learning advanced grammar will help you achieve success in your writing and beyond. It will help you gain a broader understanding of the structures and functions of all levels of the language.


Vocabulary Section

Quickly expand your knowledge and personal dictionary with new words in everyday life situations.

You'll be able to communicate (speak and write) more clearly and using fewer words, people will understand you more easily, and you will understand more. With Paralingua Learning new words is a fun activity with the new approach of learning that will help you focus, retain information, and improve your overall performance.


Listening Section

We use one of the most effective activity for improving your listening skills

You will have access to different life situation conversation audios that is appropriate for your level, not too difficult or too easy, and will help you to improve your fluency and the ability to speak smoothly, at speed, and without stopping to think too much.


Pronunciation Section

We use one of the latest technologies of Speech Recognition to detect your pronunciation accuracy and help you improve it to higher levels

Pronunciation is key when it comes to learning a new language, as it leads to better communication. Paralingua's voice recognition system integrates the most complete and reliable voice recognition for language learning and pronunciation evaluation system of the market.


Download Our App

Learn and improve your language skill with Paralingua. Download the app today. It's free!

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Easily communicate with others using Paralingua.

Now with Paralingua's in-app chat you can make new friends and improve your language by chatting.

  • Search for your friends in the app and start chatting.
  • Let the app suggest you other random users and start chatting.
  • Communicate with others and speed up your language learning process.
  • Network with other and build lifelong friendships.

Improve your reading skill with daily News

We will provide Daily latest news for you to read and develop a strong vocabulary and reading skills keep improving every day

Being exposed to a larger “brain feed” of vocabulary and grammar simply trains you to use your language better in your own speech.

General News

Paralingua covers technology, sports, entertainment, health, science, and business news.

Customized News Categories

You can customize Paralingua's News to get more news about specific topics.


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